The cross is God’s way of dealing with sin which has be falling man before they sin gen3 and also his way of reconciling man to God Eph.6 the cross is a way of describing the death of Jesus Gal.6:13 for it is this death that brought the judgement upon sin and the reconciliation of man to God 2cor5:21. John 1:29. That man may no longer be under the power of sin Rom6:6, 6:14 for the gospel of the Christ been the gospel of the cross is the power of God unto salvation Rom.1:16.
Outline 1
The cross it’s meaning

The cross is God’s instrument of removing man from the power of sin or held of sin and bringing him into God’s desire position which he had from the beginning, Gal4:6, Rom8:16 . God desire to have a family on earth Eph 3:15 when he created man but this plan was distorted when man gave obedience to the words of the tempter Gen3. Now by the death of Jesus we are been brought back in to that family Eph2 also delivered from the power of sin Rom6:6

Outline 2
The work of the cross through the scripture has been found to be essential for two things
1. Salvation Col1:3 Rom1:16 1Tim2:4
The cross of Christ brings about salvation of man’s kind
2, Substitution… The death of Jesus was a replacement work he did for us Rom6:6 2cCor5:21 ..
The power of the cross is unto salvation 1cor1:18 That as we have been delivered freed from the power of sin we may live and the walk hence forth in newness of life 2Cor5:17. Rom6:4 the power is like an enablement to do something, also we have been granted liberty through Christ or through this cross 2Cor3:125
man has been provided with the solution form the powercof sin through the cross Rom6:14 and has also been given the opportunity to be part of God’s family John3:6 all we have to do is to believe in him Rom10:10 and walk in that which he has done so that as believer we might not be held down by sin but as one alive in Christ Jesus having the authority over sin through the cross.

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