Relationship tip…

There’s absolutely no set age for any woman to get marry. No one has a right to tell or force you into a marriage when you’re not ready. *Getting married is a personal decision not a public opinion.*


At a certain age a woman who is very keen about settling down should never be in any relationship unless it’s a serious one. The best way to never waste your time in any relationship is to *KNOW WHAT YOU WANT*.


People go into relationship for diffrent reasons. Some because they are lonely, some because of sexual intercourse, some because of benefits, some because of age and family pressure and some because of love and companionship. *This is why purpose is very important*. Your *reason/ purpose* for going into a relationship will determine what you *expect*. Without *purpose* any *effort* can be a *complete waste of time*.

Your purpose in a relationship will determine your expectations. Be honest with yourself. If it’s not what you want *don’t play along.* But before looking for a *great husband* make sure you’re already a *great wife*….

*LOOK FOR A MR RIGHT*, _NOT_ *A MR RIGHT NOW*. Never put *pressure* on any man because men have *phobia for rush*, but the easiest way to know a great man is to pay more attention to his actions more than the words. Consistency is a big factor, a man who is really into you will be consistent in the way he treats you.

Never mistake a man’s situation for his destination

. *What drives a man is far more important than what he drives*. There is no point in good height when the heart is bad. *LOOK for a ready man, not a wealthy man*. A man can have all the money in the world and may not be ready to settle down, but when a man is ready no matter how little he has, he will make it work. There is nothing bad in enduring with a man who knows where he’s going in life. But never mistake *endurance* for *ignorance*. No one can *waste* your *time* without your *consent*. There’s a limit to how much a person can lie to you if you’re paying attention.

Truth is bitter


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