Dispensation of generations

Salvation destination to come into what Christ has done.
The dispensation: How man lived till the fulfilment of the new covenant.
The purpose of study…..
1. Dispensation of innocence Gen 1,2,3.
Adam and Eve in the garden
The fall of Adam an Eve
God pronounce curse them
The were sent out of the garden of Eden.
2. Dispensation of conscience.
Adam and Eve leave the garden
Iniquity abounded much more.
Building of the ark.
The flood.
3. Dispensation of human government.
After the flood.
God’s covenant with Noah.
Building Of the Tower Babe.
Different nations, tribes .
4. Dispensation of promise.
Call of Abraham.
The seed of promise, prophecy.
The covenant… Abraham-Isaac-Jacob-The twelve tribes of Isreal.
Israel in Egypt.
5. Dispensation of the law
The Exodus
The giving of the mosaic law.
Construction of the tabernacle of testimony .
The era of:
6. Dispensation of grace.
The new covenant
The present dispensation
7. Kingdom. ….

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